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Hulu Langat Home Stay Eco Farm Campsite

Hulu Langat Homestay Eco Farm is near Sungai Tekala Reserve Forest. this place is come with homestay room and the campsite.

The campsite renting fee is reasonable,, is RM30 for adults, RM15 children.  Toilet fees is RM15 for adult and kids. Toilets have water heaters, power supply, drinking water and refrigerator, and lights at night. To cook food, rent a kitchen.

There are small animals such as turkeys, swans, grey goose (tamed not chasing people), chickens and ducks, turtles, rabbits, small hedgehogs Fish ponds can be used for fishing and bamboo rafting.

There is a vegetable garden just next door, you are welcome to visit. There are a lot of bees here, but it won’t be sting people, the owner has open the honeycomb and take honey to let us taste it on the spot.

At here only celcom has connection, other mobile network can R.I.P here.

The water in the pool was pump in from the the nearby river, so it was a bit muddy, but the owner said that every time a group of guests came, he will change the water, it was true, because when I came, he was putting new water, when I left, I saw him putting new water The climate is cool at night,

I plan to get up early to go to the nearby dam to watch the sunrise. The owner takes us a few families to drive around the lake for about 7-8 minutes. There are some fellow countrymen fishing there. There is a waterfall nearby Sg. Tekala. Dor those who is interested in waterfall you may drop by for cool shower at noon time. 

For Booking call : +60122022908
Location: Kampung Gemi, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor