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How to choose a tent? First of all, before you decide what type of tent, you need to decide how many person tent you needs?

4 men is the most common tent, if you only have 2 person to camp, 4 men tent still the best choice because you will have extra room space to keeping your camping bags and camping equipment. If you have more than 4 person to camp, is advisable to get a bigger tent instead of try to squeeze together to sleep.

After you decided how many person tent you need, then you should take consideration what is the main purpose you using the tent, whether you mostly do it for backpacking or only car camping? If you the type not doing hiking backpacking camping, weight of the tent is not your consideration but comfort and costing should be one of the point to take note. Low cost tent will not last, spend more go for better quality tent can last longer. 

If you using the tent for backpacking trip, then light weight and durable should be the main concern. 

Beside this, you may take consideration of tent bug protection, versatility and etc.