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Port Dickson Beach Camping

A wonderful campsite for beach camping lover. It suitable long weekend camping trip. This campsite is called H&N campsite. it is located at the Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan state. If you are from Kuala Lumpur is roughly take you about an hour plus to here. 

H&N campisite is pretty easy to find though the sign is a little small. If you come up from the south on J5, you will pass the famous King’s Char Kway Teow on the right. A little after is H&N Campsite on the left. It is a very new campsite and there are not too many trees. However, the campsite is planting some trees and the area is kept pretty clean with nice sitting benches all over. The toilets are kept fairly clean as well and for RM20, it’s a good deal. Do note that there is only one shower room and one WC but there are taps outside the Shower/WC shed.
You can park your car/ SUV set up tent at the end of the site the farthest away from land. Branches are a bit hard to come by but luckily, I did bring with me some charcoal briquette for my BBQ. As H&N campsite is out on a jutted land, it is pretty good for fishing. Unfortunately for me, the tide was about its lowest during the evening and fishing is out of the agenda.
Sunset is beautiful and as it gets dark, the lights turn on at the beach making it a stunning sight. It was pretty hot that night, about 32 celsius,  is slightly hot to sleep in the tent compare that you do mountain camping. I had the fan blasting all through the night even when the temperature begins to fall to 28 degrees at about 4-5 am. There were hardly any mosquitoes that night and considering the hot and humid weather, it is quite amazing. I woke up early at about 5:30 as the breaking of the dawn brings life activities such as birds chipping and motorcycles zooming along the main road. Cook a simple breakfast and saw one of the staffs coming in to open the barrier at the entrance. 
The only thing I feel discomfort about and my feedback to the owner is that there are non-campers hanging around during the day and those from the Public beach just climb the wall to H&N campsite. Perhaps some no trespassing signs should be put up along the parameter. I guess one of the reason campers choose private campsite is to ensure only those valid campers are there and not the public. The other thing is perhaps a small light at the entrance and toilet would help.
For Booking and more information please direct contact the campsite person in-charge : Call 013-722 5633

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  1. H&n Campsite

    Thanks for your review. After the MCO lifted we will operate back with new norm. I just find your review here. Thanks a lot. And few improvement have been made at site.

    All booking will be on the page H&n Campsite in Facebook.