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Pos Kuala Mu, Sungai Siput Perak

Pos Kuala Mu Sungai Siput Perak is a settlement of Temiar tribe, located in the interior of the Piah Forest Reserve, about 70km (an hour’s drive) from Sungai Siput, Perak or 
roughly 294km to Kuala Mu if you travel from Subang Jaya approximate 4 hours drive. 

The 70km uphill drive to Pos Kuala Mu was smooth because the road has already been paved beginning late 2017. It is strategically located near the convergence of Sungai Mu and Sungai Perlus which consists of 4 villages, Kampung Besrah, Kampung Gepeh Hulu, Kampung Gepeh Hilir and Kampung Kuala Mu.

Before reaching Pos Kuala Mu and Kuala Mu Chalet, travelers will pass by Kuala Bersah Chalet. Both chalets are constructed along the river by the commit members of the Temiar using materials surrounding the rainforest.

The Department of Orang Asli Development (JAKOA) provided the furnishings within these chalets. If you are nature lovers, staying here is a must try option for you.  The chalets promote memorable eco-tourism experience for the travelers. Visitors may  find the spot where two tributaries meet together at Sungai Mu Upstream. All chalets come without attached bathroom. When you come here for holiday in the same time also helping the local native to earn more income. 

Top view of Pos Kuala Mu Campsite


Pos Kuala Mu here have 3 different type of chalet available for public to rent.

Facilities:  Clean Toilet & shower, BBQ pitch, kitchen equip with gas to cook. You may enjoy a very nice waterfall view while preparing food or cooking in the kitchen.  There have many small cottage for visitor to enjoy their meal next to the river.  

Available Activities:   
Hiking to  Lata Air Terjun, river fishing, sun bathing, swimming at crystal clear river.
At Pos Kuala Mu, you do not have to worry about mosquitoes. 

many small cottage are bulit along the river.
visitors have fun playing at the cristal clear river.
This is one of the cottage for visitors enjoy their meals along the riverside.
Small cottage design for camping or picnic activities.
Camping at Kuala Mu

For car camping lover, this is the best spot for car camping. It’s come  with facilities such as toilets, several gazebos and one small multi-purpose hall for intimate functions. The campsite can accommodate up to 10 tents at any one time.

Visitors may experiences dining at the middle of the river.
BBQ Near The Riverside
At  Pos Kuala Mu, chalets are available at 3 places for visitor stay overnight. All chalets are built by the native. 
1. Chalet Kampung Bersah.
2. Chalet Dusun Kampung Kuala Mu.
3. Tapak Perkhemahan Kampung Gapeh  (Gapeh Village campsite)
 For further infomation, about chalet renting please call the person in-charge.
En. Saidin: 019-4117281
(Chalet Kg Bersah)
En. Wali: 013-5873847
(Chalet Dusun Kg Kuala Mu)
En. Dah Nan: 011-35807057
(Tapak Perkhemahan Kg Gapeh)- (Gapeh Village campsite)