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Malaysia Campsite

Malaysia Car Camping was founded in June 17, 2013, and has been providing a platform to the camper who are interested in CAR Camping and leisure camping to share out their experiences. Enjoy the fun of Camping without long hour hike.

Car camping doesn’t always means you are camping in your car. You use the car to store everything and you work out of it, as you need things. Car camping is carrying your camping equipment in a car. Unlike more traditional camping, car camping allows you to carry quite a bit more equipment and the focus is usually enjoying the campsite, cooking, and day hikes. Car camping is self-explanatory: you’re able to drive right up to your campsite and don’t have to unload your supplies from your car (or van, wagon, or RV). Since you don’t have to worry about lugging your gear anywhere when you’re car camping, you can go for complete comfort when selecting your camping chair.

Car camping is the perfect way to vacation with friends and family, without breaking your budget. It is possible if you have a large minivan, SUV, Sedan or Station Wagon with seats that lay down. However remember blankets and pillows are necessary. Car camping means that everything and the kitchen sink could make the list-after all, it’s the perfect sync between comfort and the outdoors. That said the trick is to bring enough items that stand in for traditional home-bound amenities while still reinforcing the pleasures of being outdoors. Car camping is a favorite pastime of families with young children, senior citizens, and those who do not want to backpack. Instead of hauling everything on their backs, car camping enthusiasts carry their gear in a car or van.

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