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Campsite Chalet Sungai Bill Cool Spring is a hidden gem for outdoor lover. This area is a native village. The river is beautiful, clean. There are campsites, various size chalets, picnic halls only. If you do not bring a tent, this place provides a tent for rent.All activities can be done other than a river bath.

Perkhemahan dan Chalet Sungai Bil Cool Spring are a great place for kids / adults / families / leadership camp activities, personalities, motivations and more.

Re-conceptualizing nature and giving consumers the opportunity to experience life in villages far from the technology network.

This place provides electricity, a ‘BBQ’ place, for the camper, here has an area dedicated for campsite, if you don’t bring your own tent, they have the tent for rent too. Beside camping, for those who like to stay at the chalet, there has very simple native village chalet that is very simple type with bamboo and umbrellas, in keeping with the concept of ‘camping’.

Utensils and utensils such, rice cookers for cooking are encouraged to bring them with you if you want to stay overnight. For your convenience please include any camping equipment such as flashlights, mosquito repellent, first aid kit and others if necessary.

The chalet has very basic facility, such as lights, fans and electrical / plug sockets, mattresses and pillows.

Next to the Toilet, the management just built the old village toilet, while the water in the ‘gutter’ was flowing through the river (they used a pumping method. This concept was applicable when we highlighted the non-‘modern’ area.) However, management will improve service over time. Hopefully, users will understand.


Food Catering

Duration varies • RM10- RMXX per person

For those who need them to prepare food please contact them in advance.  Inform them any food you needs,If you wish to choose the full package. The menu can be selected according to the taste of the customer.

Fees and Charges:
CHALET: RM60 – RM100 / day
DORM: RM150/ day
Wakaf: RM20/ day
Rent A Tent : RM15- RM60/ day
Campsite Renting : RM10 – RM30/ day
Call for more information /Reserve : 6012-385 3257

Kampung Sungai Bil, Perak, Malaysia 35800