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ABC Camp, Janda Baik

Camp ABC located at Janda Baik. Janda Baik is a small village in Bentong, Pahang, Geographically located in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. Janda Baik is about 30 km from Kuala Lumpur, 28 km from Genting Highland. The hour long drive from Kuala Lumpur proves worth it as you instantly feel welcomed by Camp ABC. 

Janda Baik is a simple Malay village with a population of approximately 1000 people. At the weekend or during school holiday Janda baik is very popular for short trip escape. What make it so special is because Janda Baik has a crystal clear river water plus refreshing cool air at night is ideal camping place.

Camp ABC is one of my favorite campsite among all the campsite I ever been. Camp ABC is a place to call home. The trees, hills and flowing rivers instantly allows you to relax your mind from the hectic world outside. The refreshing mountain air and backdrop forests will make you enjoy every moment you spend in Camp ABC.

Camp ABC is tucked in between two hills and reflects the easygoing lifestyle of Janda Baik. Traditionally-styled amidst a reserved tropical forest, this Camp provides the right space and facilities to conduct gatherings, workshops, trainings, family retreats, company retreats, corporate events, seminars, meetings, any group events or just for a weekend retreat. The serenity and surrounding natural elements would be enough to create your defining moment.

At night, Janda Baik is temperature is quite low and damp. My advice is must bring a jacket and long pant. Is very nice to sleep at the cool weather. 

is very nice to bathing in the cooling river stream
The toilet and the washing place.
The washing basin and the toilet and shower room. Good news is ABC camp have water heater here. Lol
The Homestay


A house with 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms build with river stones is open to accommodate for 6 person. Additional person will be charge extra.

Dining area with ‘open concept’ facing the river… surely this will be a new experience for you when accommodating at this homestay. 

For booking/ reservation plelase call/ sms/ whatsapp

+6013-388 0158 (adzrul hasdi adnan). 

Take notes:

Wild board and dogs will come over to the campsite look for the food at night. In order not to get them mess up your tent or belonging, please clean up all the food waste and wrap nicely into garbage bag, Make sure the garbage bag is put properly in the dustbin and cover it. 

There are rates and charges are negotiable based on your requirements and needs.

For inquiries, kindly contact at:

+60 13 388 0158 / +60 19 353 6495/ +60 15 4840 4904


Address: Kg.Sg Lurah, Janda Baik, Bentong 28750

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