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Ubipadi Campsite @ Hulu Langat

Fruitier Car Camping @ Ubipadi Leisure Orchard

UbiPadi Leisure (UbiPadi), a fruit orchard is located at Batu 18 Hulu Langat, Selangor, approximately 28 km from the city of Kuala Lumpur. Despite its close proximity to the capital city, the Hulu Langat valley is basically rural which is an attraction to leisure and recreation seekers.

You pay to enjoy the beautiful green scenery with variety of fruit trees, vegetables, fish, birds and places simply for relaxing! There are ample picnic benches for picnics and to rest the tired bodies! Leisure car campers, you can camp in a secured and fully fenced campsite.

The story :
UbiPadi named originated from the earlier plantation for this land, which is “Ubi Kayu” and “Padi”.

“Ubi Kayu” (Manihot Esculenta Crantz), commonly known as Tapioca, and “Padi” (Oryza sativa), also known as paddy.

The is the area near the parking lot, amber parking space here.

If you love fishing, you may bring along your fishing rods to do the fishing, they have 2 fishing ponds over here. There’s fee for fishing is RM10 per hour (the catch is charged separately). if you are lucky enough you can get a fresh fish for BBQ at night. 

However, if you just wish to eat fish without doing the hard work, just order from the owner. They are happily to serve you authentic local Malay food. 

The Wooden Small Cottage

Common Facilities:
Toilet/shower room, prayers room, cooking area, clean water, electricity, path campsite

Rental facilities:
BBQ equipment, cooking facilities
Tent, sleeping bag, camping lantern
bicycles for adult and children
boating, fishing rods and etc

Campsite Rental: RM20/person/ day included tent

Lot 673, Jalan Sungai Jerang, Kampong Jawa, Batu 18, 43100 Hulu Langat, Selangor.

GPS: Lat 30 9’47.21”N Long 101 51’28.98 ”E

Booking No.:+60197778590 (Pak Man) /

For more information: +6019-2636345 

Take Notes:
Please bring along insect repellents when you visit this campsite. The mosquitoes here is extremely fierce.  Advice to wear long pant at night if you don’t wish to going home with 5 cents souvenir scar later.