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Lalang’s Chalet & Campsite, Kelantan

Lata Keding Bukit Kudung is a newly-discovered flora and fauna location in Kampung (village) Gemang Jeli.

The originality of this Equatorial Nature Reserve is still preserved and potentially a recreational destination for nature lovers.

The crystal clear flow of calm water, chirping birds and peaceful birds and green jungle away from the bustle of the city certainly promises a new experience for visitors who come here, but for the locals this well-known outdoor place here. 

But for the people outside of the Jeli District it is still not popular even though the entrance to this place is facing Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK) Jeli Campus.

Its location is about four kilometers from the main road of Gemang and can be connected by a perfect road. Visitors can choose to drive in or walk to get to this area.

Among the facilities available are open halls, campsites, restaurants, mini zoo and toilets. While chalets and dormitories are being actively developed.

According to Lalang’s Project Manager, Norzahar Daud, although not yet fully ready, Lata Keding has been visited by local and foreign visitors even more so when it comes to school holidays.

The Jeli Campus UMK campus also often makes this location a place for community activities.

“Given that this tin is still in the process of construction, we are deeply concerned with ecosystem conservation and always advise visitors to maintain cleanliness so that greenery and fauna can be preserved,” he said.

“We are working to develop Lata Keding to open the eyes of local and foreign residents that behind the jungle, Jeli also has precious natural treasures,” he said.

“The area is able to attract foreign tourists if it is promoted by the state and federal governments, and it will also be able to generate the local economy once it is fully operational,” he added.

The effort to develop Lata Keding will continue with various exciting packages in making this area a preferred tourist destination later.

Lalang’s chalet & campsite is located at Jeli Kelantan. The district of Jeli is often considered Peninsular Malaysia’s West Coast gateway into the state of Kelantan.

parking bay for Lalang's campsite

Lalang’s chalet & campsite is founded 1st of Jan 2017 by Perkhemahan Perdana.  Lalang’s chalet & campsite is located at Lata Keding and Kudung where near Jeli city at Kelantan. It gives the nearby community a chance to explore the beauty of the environment over there. 

Beside offering campsite, they do offers chalet services, restaurants, Family Day events, jungle trekking, night walk and survival camp activities. 
For more information please contact :

Pusat Pengajian Tahfiz Abu Bakar

Restaurant at the campsite

There are many small cottages available for the camper picnic and hangout. 

Toilet at the campsite
Nearby Attraction at Jeli:

Jeli is strategic resting area for travellers who are making their journey from the East Coast to the West Coast, or vice versa, through the East-West highway system.Jeli is also a path into Southern Kelantan through the Jeli – Dabong highway. With its borders with Thailand in the north, the Tanah Merah district in the east, the Kuala Krai and Gua Musang districts in the south, and the state of Perak on its western borders, the district of Jeli is a strategically located area with a potential for strategic development.Jeli is the main town of this district and it is situated approximately 98 kilometers from Kota Bharu through the East-West highway. 82% of the district’s surface is hilly with dense forests and rivers. Among its main rivers are Sungai Pergai, Sungai Renyut, Sungai Suda and Sungai Balah (Jeli District Council, 2014). This district is also placed between 90 and 500 meters above sea level.

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