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Car Camping Tips For Women

I’m just thinking about easing into camping when the weather gets cool, but since find some activities to spend my weekend; I wouldn’t always be able to get others to join me, as most of the friend would have their own family activities too. I’m just wondering if it sounds like just a bad idea to go alone, or if it’s generally alright but obviously no one could say with certainty it would be 100% safe.

Basically if you ask me is that safe for a woman to do car camping alone, definitely I am not advice for this especially in Malaysia.  However if you really plan to do so, here is some tips and advice for you.

Maybe the safety issue isn’t just about women. This obviously depends some on your location and quite a bit on your personal comfort levels. I would have no hesitation about car camping or backpacking alone in Malaysia. Safety precautions are what you would expect, don’t leave valuables lying out, lock your car, etc.

Bear in mind that knows this type of camping is simply a challenge. I wouldn’t worry about carrying defensive things like pepper spray, but if it gives you peace of mind, go for it. More than likely, after a few nights of camping bliss, you’ll feel totally comfortable.

If it is something you have experience with, what are some safety precautions you have taken? I’m talking about car camping in particular. I realize it could vary depending on location – think private gated camping ground or hospital car park.

If you wish to stay within the city, parking on the street of a residential neighborhood is a great place to sleep; however, if you’re there more than one night, someone may take notice and contact authorities. But apartments are even better, especially those without security patrol. More traffic goes through apartment so you can get away with parking in the same apartment for days. Also, keep your eyes open; lady alone may attract some bad or drunk guys. If you go rural area is advisable to have companions. You may be out of reach of civilization and depend on yourself.

In Malaysia, you need to take extra precaution if you traveling alone in the mid night even staying in rest station areas and not just campsites. You might bind into “Mat Rempit”. Mat Rempit is a Malaysian term for “an individual who participates in illegal street racing”, they usually travel in groups and race in bustling city centers on weekend nights. Recently, Mat Rempits have been linked to gangsterism, criminal activities such as gang robbery.

Let someone else know about your plans and when to start worrying. Make sure someone knows where you are more or less and when you’ll be back. Leave a note or message to your friend or family member before you go, from time to time inform them where your location is. Consider carrying a GPS or a smart phone for GPS guide.

Pay attention to your sense and feel okay moving on if something or someone seems weird or off. Make sure you have a cell phone charged and extra power bank for emergency when cell phone runs out of battery. Always check out where is the nearest police station located.

Bring spare drinking water and dry food such as biscuit, bread or muffin. Keep your food packed in your car to keep it away from curious critters.

Pay close attention to the weather especially in the highland, it can change quick, careful with flash flood or landslide.

Do not park next to the high risk area. Remember bring extra clothing for daily changes included a pair of warm clothes even though Malaysia weather is warm most of the time but the temperature will go down if you are camp at highland or during the raining day.

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