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Glamping@ Kangkoi

Glamping at Kangkoi

Glamping at Kongkoi is for nature lovers, especially those who love wild camping. This is the right place to find peace. 
This place is a  family-run private hideout is situated on 10 acres of forest by the Kenaboi River, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan, about 80km from Kuala Lumpur city center.
Either for retreat, rejuvenate, refresh, reflect, reconnect with the rhythms of nature, or simply to unwind;
Glamping@Kongkoi is the right place for a getaway to an adventurous atmosphere.
Please take note that you need to drive on a dirt road for 1+km to reach their main gate. There are apart you will have a feeling like in lost in the no way. Sports cars and low base cars are not recommended to drive in because your car might be stuck in the mud if during the rainy season. 

What is glamping? With glamping, less is more. Glamping accommodations, in most cases, take advantage of the surrounding elements, creating the best space for eco –  “glamorous” and “camping”.

For me i feels Kangkoi Glamping is slightly overprice with the facilities provided, The glamping tent is not really clean and I think I stay inside the normal tent is more secure than this, because the so call glamping is without and real cover up. Only the simple blinds fabric, and in between still got some space that insects and anything still able to to come inside while you are sleeping. (P/S: City girls scare insect la). 

This  is the chalet, overall look ok but is without water heater, (is freezing cool if shower at night 🙁 …..)

i know some will tell me this is nature  outdoor experience but i expect glamping or stay in the chalet the price i paid (chalet/ night is RM320) i should have the choice. 

I suggest just go for camping.
1 – 10 campers : RM50 per head/night
11 – 20 campers : RM40 per head/night
Above 21 campers : RM30 per head/night
Children 4 – 11 years old : RM15 per pax/night
Rain showers
Plug points (strictly for charging only)
Tube : RM5 per hour
Life Jacket : RM5 per hour
Contact Number : 012-685 6790