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Playful Puppy Lakeside Camping Party

Dogs need outdoor time for both mental and physical stimulation. … Camping trips can be a great chance to advance your dog’s training. Camping trips provide you an opportunity to give your dog a new method of exercise. If you take your dog with you on a hike, a swim in the lake, or even on a canoe ride, it can be very beneficial for them. Working on a little water retrieval or even a game of fetch in the campground is something different and much more fun than the average backyard.

The more the dog learns what he can and can’t do the more fun it is to take him. There will be a learning curve for both of you. There are many positives to taking your dog; you can reinforce training, have fun exercising, bond after a long week, feel secure, and teach your dog to camp. Enjoy the weekend without leaving your best friend at home.

Let’s do Puppy Adventure Lakeside Camping.
Sleeping with a thousand stars and wake-up with a beautiful sunrise.
Kayaking at the saltwater lake to enjoy beautiful the sunset and BBQ seafood dinner and campfire.

1st Day
1300 – Meetup at Sg. Pelek Sepang Private Campsite
1330 – Welcome drink and meet each other
1400 – Set-up tent 🏕
1500 – Free & Easy activities 😁
1700 – Kayaking with your puppy and enjoy the sunset view.
1900 – BBQ Seafood Dinner
2030 – Free & easy
2100- Campfire- BBQ Marshmallow / Drinking Time
Good Night

2nd Day
0700 – Wake-up for beautiful sunrise
0800 – Breakfast time
0900 – Free & Easy
1130 – Packing & Clean-up
1200 – Check out

Venue: Sg. Pelek Sepang Private Campsite
Date: 14/3/2020 -15/3/2020
Check in time :  1:00 pm
Check out time: 12:00 noon
Participants must help to clean up their dog poop and dog hair inside their tent if you are using our tent.

What included:
Kayak (unlimited time)
Tent (2-3 PAX sharing basis)
Sleeping Mat
Food: BBQ seafood dinner X 1, Local Breakfast X 1
Drink: Free flow drinking water, tea/ coffee
Toilet & Shower Facilities

What to brings:
Own dogs food and dog belonging
Dog leash
Own pillow and blanket
Extra pairs of clothing for activities
Torch Light/ Portable fans
Own toiletries
Own water bottles
(in case you wanna spare some water inside the tent at night

We going to take Max 10 camps only. First come first serve.


Kindly make your payment to
Hong Leong A/C: 393-00-01041-6
After make your payment, whatpps bank in slip to +60122990083


(IMPORTANT)By registering and attending this event the participant agrees to abide the rules and regulations by the organizer and understand that the Organizer of MalaysiaCarCamping SHALL NOT BE LIABLE and WILL NOT BE and CANNOT BE held responsible for any personal injuries and/or mishaps and/or accidents and/or losses and/or whatsoever arising from your participation in the event/activities with this group.

MalaysiaCarCamping reserve the right to make alteration of venue, itinerary, departure and completion dates/time, reducing the extent of a trip, etc, that we deem necessary due to road, river or weather conditions or other conditions beyond our control including minimum safe running numbers, before and whilst on a trip.1

What to do With Your Dog Before You Go:

If your dog is not already used to taking car journeys, take him a on a few short trips to get him accustomed. Take him on short car trips such as when you go to fuel your car or when quickly dropping something off.

Get your dog used to being in or around a camping tent. If you know that your dog will be sleeping with you in your tent, it is probably best if you familiarize him with the tent before you go. Set a simple tent in your backyard, go in your tent with your dogs bed for an hour or so each day and read a book, listen to music, etc. Try to encourage your dog to come in and join you. If he comes into the tent and sits with you, reward him or give him positive attention. If you are preparing to keep your dog tied up outside your tent at night while camping, leave your tent in the backyard and allow your dog to become comfortable and familiar with it.

Take your dog on longer walks/runs to get him fit and ready for all the outdoor activity camping has to offer. Walking through forests or wooded areas are ideal as it will get him used to the sights, smells and sounds that come with camping.

Preparing and taking precautions with your dog will help make your camping experience more pleasant for the both of you.

Puppy playing around at the campsite

Kayaking with puppy