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Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul Campsite

The Forest was developed in 1971 by Tuan Tulis and made as a place of worship. In the 1920s, this place became a recreation area, a resting place for horseback riding. This forest is located at KM 20 Seremban Road – Kuala Pilah within the Forest Reserve. It is about 20 minutes from the town of Seremban. There is a high mountain about 825 meters above sea level and it can be reached by hiking the Batang Terachi River. The natural landscapes here make it unique for bathing and are ideal for rugged, picnic, camping and sightseeing activities.

We camp at Zone 2, this zone is next to the creek, you can play with water, the water is very cold and suitable for hot weather.

Rental fee for camp here is very cheap is only RM 5 per tent for one night. They charge extra RM1 / night for toilet usage. 

Quite a lot shower shower room/ toilet available there but the disadvantage here is if you shower at night, you need to bare with the freezing cold water temperature. The water in the toilet is extremely cold and no water heater over there.

It’s so cold at night during the raining day (we didn’t open the fan directly on the second night) * Mosquito seems to be okay, maybe I have my own mosquito coil

You may want to take a short walk to Snake Park🐍 (although not much to see, but is free admission) 

There is a cafe/mamak for 5 minutes walk from here, you can pack some food over there before you go inside the campsite.

Zone 2 is 100m from to the parking lot 😫 There is a street light near Zone 2, but you still need to bring your own lights. No electricity plug available there.

Zone 2 is a sandy campsite, you may need to prepare a small broom or a small vacuum cleaner.

To Book please directly call Office 📞 +6064811036

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